Madeline’s Bike Overnight

This post is written by guest-blogger, Maddi Clissold. ImageMadeline is my 10 year old daughter. We have had many bicycle adventures together, and just last weekend did an 80 mile round trip bike overnight from Pennington, NJ to Ringing Rocks in Pennsylvania. I edited this a bit, but she wrote all of this blog post, and even chose the pictures. Enjoy!

What we took:
Here is what we had to pack: Tent, sleeping bags,  food (dinner & breakfast), clothes, toiletries, books, stuff for s’mores, tire repair kit (We used that twice!), Uno cards, books, snacks, money, cook set, headlamp, and more stuff that I can’t remember.
My dad put everything in either bags or their own stuff sack. The sleeping bags and tent had their own bags. He loaded everything onto the bike in special bags called panniers. It took awhile.
Where we went and what we saw:
The route was about 35 to 40 miles. We saw canals, river, and more bikers! We had to ride on the D&R towpath and the road. We rode through Lambertville, Milford, and Frenchtown. We reached a point where the towpath got so bad we had to walk the bike. Here is a link to our route, tracked by GPS: Day 1       Day 2
When we reached Washington’s Crossing state park, we saw the Johnson (pronounced Jenson) house and colonial potties. We stood where Gen. Washington stood!
 Image  IMG_0664 IMG_0665
The D&R Towpath is a path along the D&R canal. The D stands for Delaware. The R stands for Raritan. The towpath was used for moving goods from the Delaware river to the Raritan river. A towpath is a path that is next to the canal, and horses used it to tow the boats along the canal.
The towns we rode through were Lambertville, Milford, and Frenchtown. On day 1, we stopped in Lambertville for lunch at a place called well, Lunch! ImageOn day 2, we stopped at Milford Bakery for a small brunch.
On the second day we went to a state park called Ringing Rocks. There is a whole field of rocks. Scientist’s have many theories about how they got there. If you tap the rocks with a hammer the make a sound that sounds hollow!
Our campsite was called Ringing Rocks Family Campground. We were campsite #1. We were very close to the bathrooms witch was really useful\l. There is a camp shop where you can buy fire wood, flash lights, etc.
The campground had a playground, pool, small pond, and other things. It was quiet, except for the sound of nature. The campground was VERY big. Other people were camping in different things.
The experience:
The scenery was beautiful! Quite a few times my dad said,”IT’S SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!” There were some dead animals on the way home. We even saw a fox skull. We saw many cliffs.
It felt like we would never get there. Just when I was about to stop we got there. After about 30 miles my thighs really hurt. My hands hurt too…we forgot my gloves. My dad let me borrow his gloves but they didn’t help. Even though my legs and hands hurt, I still kept going. I’m glad I pushed through discomfort so I could get to the campground, take a shower, and relax!
Riding a tandem is fun and hard work! It is tricky to ride in the back because you can’t see in front of you. But, you can look around without worrying about crashing, you can ride no-hands, and you can even take pictures while riding! My dad was in charge of all the steering, stopping, when we pedaled, and shifting the gears.
We did a similar trip like this last summer in Indiana. It was much hotter and more humid. We didn’t ride as far last year…only about 60 miles. I enjoy bike touring with my dad! I hope we’ll do more of these adventures in the future!

Here are a few more pictures from our trip:

IMG_0757 IMG_0651 IMG_0658 IMG_0662 IMG_0666 IMG_0667 IMG_0676 IMG_0682 IMG_0685 IMG_0700 IMG_0701 IMG_0742IMG_0717 IMG_0737 IMG_0747


7 thoughts on “Madeline’s Bike Overnight

  1. Sounds like a great adventure Madeline! I don’t hink I could ride that far on a bike!! Mrs. Rolling (Weisser Park)

  2. Madeline, this is Ms. Johnson your 3rd grade teacher. I was so happy to see all these photos of you-all happy and still cute!

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