When Life Happens

Okay, so my last post was waaaaaaay back in May. Sorry about that! I had a big bike tour planned. But what happened? Life happened. Suffice it to say, due to a variety of reasons, my bike tour down to Philly, Baltimore, DC, and on into Williamsburg never happened. I did get to go to Colonial Williamsburg with my daughter Madeline, which really was the most important part.

But it’s okay! Obviously I’m bummed that the bike tour never happened, but it was a good summer and some other cool bike events happened instead. The best biking experience this summer was the Jeremiah Bishop Alpine Gran Fondo, which I did with Madeline and my father-in-law, Don.

The Gran Fondo is still a pretty new event, at only 3 years old, but, it was mostly well-run. The scenery there, in Harrisonburg, VA, is amazing. We did the short “Valley View Challenge”, a nice 35 ride with over 2,000 feet of climbing….on our tandem. Madeline did great, and we found ourselves passing people on singles as we motored up big hills at 8 mph.

If you’re looking for a hilly ride with great scenery and great food, I highly recommend it. Here’s a link to their website: http://alpineloopgranfondo.com/

Here are a few of our pictures:







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