The Day I Stole My Bike

I used my inexpensive cable lock the other day at the train station. Having just locked my bike to the rack, I spun the combination a bit like I normally do. When I did that though, something went wrong. I don’t know if it froze, malfunctioned, or if I somehow reset the combination, but when I entered my combi it didn’t open. Uh oh.

Not knowing what the future might bring, I decided to use my other lock – a big beefy Kryptonite NYC chain – for added security until I could figure out what I could do about the combi lock.

Fast forward a couple days, and I finally had a chance to work on it today. I brought a pair of standard diagonal cutters with me but thought they’d be too weak.


Well, the good news is they were strong enough to do the trick. The bad news is they were strong enough to do the trick. About 4 minutes of cutting and it came free with relative ease. Furthermore, during the evening rush hour at the train station, no one said anything to me or called any authorities, even though it was obvious that I was cutting a lock.

So, invest in a good lock. But if it malfunctions, have a back up plan!




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