Madeline Rides to Washington – Day 2

Today’s adventure is brought to you by the letters “H,” “O,” and “T.” Temps quickly rose to the mid-90’s and humidity was 90% or more. There was no cooling breeze either. 

We rolled out of Antietam Creek about 10:00. When I first proposed this trip to Maddi, she agreed on the condition that we could go tubing in Harper’s Ferry. So, this was the primary objective. We made it to River and Trail Outfitters on time to check in, but we’re told that the launch point was another 5 miles away, with extremely busy roads and several steep hills along the way. The folks at R&T were so great! They let us hitch a ride with one of their rafting trips so we didn’t have to bike it. We had a GREAT time tubing on the Shenandoah River, floating and goofing around in the water. The chilly water was very refreshing! 

 After catching another shuttle back to our bike, we were finally off again. It was later than planned because of the extra logistic stuff, so by the time we hit the trail again it was after 4:00 and crazy hot. To make matters worse, the condition of the trail was awful. Lots of very muddy spots that forced us to walk the bike several times, and made for very slow and stressful riding. 

We made lots of short stops to drink water and try to cool off, including an unplanned air conditioning stop in Brunswick, MD. We enjoyed very cool treats at the Potomac Bar and Grill.

Back on the bike, we pushed on as long as we could, but eventually called it a day before our intended destination. Still, even with a full afternoon of tubing and very slow riding, we were able to cover 32 miles. We stopped at the Marble Quarry “hiker biker” campsite and met a fellow cyclist, Todd. Our evening was nice and quiet, with reading, chatting, campfire and s’mores. 

Day 2: Antietam Creek to Marble Quarry, 32 miles. 


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