Day 1 – Opequon Quaker Camp to Indian Flats H/B

On the road! The first day was a success! We dropped Maddi off at her camp just north of Winchester, VA and I rolled out from there. It was a late start – about 3:45 – and right in the peak heat of the day. Temps were in the mid-90’s. 

The first part of the route was on rolling roads with beautiful pavement. After about 15 miles, the road turned into an extremely busy one in Charles Town, WV. Safely through that, I made it to Harper’s Ferry. I love this place, and each time I visit I find more interesting stuff. It’s also pretty cool that the C & O Towpath, which I turned onto here, is part of the Appalachian Trail.

Safely across the pedestrian bridge over the Shenendoah River,  I was on the Towpath for the rest of the trip. It was a pretty easy 20 miles or so to reach my destination for the night. It has been very dry here, so the conditions were MUCH improved over last year! 

I’m staying at the Indian Flats Hiker Biker campsite, just a skosh west of the Monocacin Aqueduct. The hiker biker sites are fantastic. The good folks in our National Park Service have created these free, basic campgrounds about every 7 or 8 miles. They consist of a portojohn, fire ring, picnic table, and pump for water. It’s pretty bare-bones, but it does the trick! I have the place to myself tonight, and the folks before me even left some kindling in the fire pit. I’m about 50 yards from the Potomac, and I’ll drift off listening to the sounds of locusts overhead. 

A great start. 38 miles today!


2 thoughts on “Day 1 – Opequon Quaker Camp to Indian Flats H/B

  1. What a neat trip!!! Lucky you. Love that area where we hiked the Appalachian Trial so many years ago too. Your pictures are beautiful.

    Have a fun trip.

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