Day 3: Patapsco SP to Susquehanna SP 

After yesterday’s awful day on the bike and in camp, my number one priority was just recovery and survival. I originally had a 60 mile day planned, but I knew that would be nearly impossible. By 9:00 am it was already close to 90 degrees and very humid. It took a long time just to eat breakfast (beef stroganoff – for calories and sodium) and pack up my site. Fortunately I was pretty close to Baltimore. I decided to bike the 15 miles into the city and start seeking transportation alternatives. 

I made my way to Baltimore Penn Station, and learned that the MARC commuter train goes to Aberdeen – about 8 miles from my destination for the evening. I bought a ticket. Then, of course, bikes NOT allowed, and there was absolutely no sympathy from the conductor.  Non-negotiable. So, back to the drawing board. By now it was 1:30 pm. It was the heat of the day and I still had a very long way to go. 

With a bit more research, I found a city bus that would get another 15 miles or so knocked off. So I biked to the stop and loaded up. Hooray!

At the end of the line I got off and assessed where I was. I still had over 30 miles to get where I needed to go. The clock was ticking, so I pedaled. I went maybe another 10 miles before I realized there was just no way my legs could do the whole thing. I found a CVS where I decided to stop, get in the AC, buy some ice cold water, and try to figure something out. As a last resort, I threw in the towel. I called a local bike shop and pleaded for a shuttle for even part of the distance. 

Without hesitation, the owner of The Bike Shop of Bel Air, Carl, said he’d help me out. It was WAY out of the way for him! He drove 1/2 hour south to get me, and took me all the way to my campsite. I never would have made it. He was so nice, and he refused to take any money. He even pointed out a new route option for the morning to cut out a major climb. Pay it forward, my cycling friends. It’s this kind of generosity that makes cycling such a wonderful community!

Susquehanna State Park is incredibly beautiful. Very hilly though, and I couldn’t explore much because of the heat. But I enjoyed a very quiet night with just a touch of rain at about 4 am. 

Trying day! Patapsco SP to Susquehanna SP, multi-modal: 25 or so miles pedaled. 



One thought on “Day 3: Patapsco SP to Susquehanna SP 

  1. Hi Brian, I’m so glad you made it to your destination! Think about my granddaughter, Kate, 19, she is

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