Day 5: Woodlands Camping Resort to Media, PA

I woke up a bit chilly this morning! The temps were in the low 70’s and I woke up refreshed and ready to tackle the final day. My plan B was to have my wife Abbi pick me up in Wilmington, DE after riding about 30 miles. But after eating some oatmeal and packing up my site, it was only 8:30. Yesterday was an easy biking day, and I wanted to tackle the entire 50 miles to Media, PA.

Today I rode a good chunk of the East Coast Greenway. The ECG is a great concept, and on its way to being a truly remarkable network of bike lanes, routes, and paths spanning the entire Atlantic coast. However, much of this area is anything but rural and picturesque. The ECG took me through some very busy and high traffic areas in DE, and some really rough neighborhoods in Wilmington. I highly recommend doing good research, as well as knowing your own limits and comfort level of riding amongst busy traffic and such. I’m pretty comfortable with these conditions on my own, but I’m glad I was not on the tandem with my 13 year old daughter. Hopefully, though, with continued advocacy, the ECG can be a catalyst in urban renewal and economic development in these struggling areas of our country.

The route up to Wilmington and the Media is pretty straight forward. It’s very urban, lots of industrial areas, and flat. It’s not real picturesque, but that’s okay. So, midway into the day I stopped in Wilmington for a long, big lunch, and texted Abbi that I did not need to cut the day short.

After lunch, I headed out of downtown Wilmington. It was still quite hot, and I had to take a couple AC & water breaks. The skies started to look a bit foreboding, but it looked like I had dodged the storm.

But, guess again. Once I reached Chester, PA, I had to make a left turn to head west and climb up to Media. It’s about 10 miles from that turn to the end, and the skies completely opened up. It was a torrential downpour like I haven’t ridden in for a very long time. Good thing I’m waterproof!

So I rode the last 10 in the rain, most of it uphill, and found my way to Abbi’s aunt’s house in Media. It was a pleasant and uneventful day in the saddle, a relief to be done, but also seemed to somehow be done too soon. 

I’ll do a follow up post with some thoughts on gear and routing. Thanks for following my little journey and for all your thoughts and concern as I suffered in the heat. Just remember, I call this a vacation!

A clean bike is a happy bike.

Keep the rubber-side down.

Ride hard, ride safe.

Woodlands Resort to Media, PA: 50 miles



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